How to Play

Voyage of Argo Rulebook PDF

For those of you with access to laser cutters and want to make your own custom ships from wood, metal, or material of your choice, see our Free Ship Downloadables


Q: Do I have to disassemble the ships each time I play?
A: No, you can leave the ships assembled! Remove the plastic tray insert from the box, and the ship hulls will have enough room to stay assembled. Note: you may want to contain the cards with a rubber band or baggie.

Q: Do I reshuffle the treasure cards when the pile runs out?
A: Yes.

Q: Does 'reallocating' a hit token count as healing?
A: Yes. Any time a hit token is removed from a card, it counts as healing. Any time a hit token is added to a card, it counts as dealing damage.

Q: Do players go to port after the last location?
A: Yes, players have one last chance to use their coin to upgrade their ships.