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An Auspicious Voyage


In The Voyage of Argo, each player captains their own Greek trireme, choosing which aspects of your ship to advance along the way. Build sails for speed and evasion, gather warriors to fight for your cause, and collect riches to improve your crew’s morale in order to perform powerful feats. These attributes, along with a little luck, aid you through turn based gameplay where you play use feats and roll dice in an attempt to overcome encounters and collect treasure cards. Each phase that the players don’t overcome the encounters, they will retaliate the players, potentially wrecking havoc to a player’s hand of cards or the ship they captain.

Upon reaching heroic milestones, you will be able to achieve glory (victory points) and make a name for yourself. The first player to gain seven glory outshines their fellow captains and is declared the winner.

I Love the Sea Monsters!!

Lisa W.

I like how the game makes you strategize which encounters to attack first, and with what cards.

Elise S.

What I love about this is that the correct combination of cards in your hand combined with your ship build gives you what you need to claim glory.

Demetrius C.

This is easier than Catan.

David R.